viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011


"Suddenly I see, this is what I wanna be..." (by KT Tunstall)

Me encanta ver, mirar, observar... Quedarme embobada mirando por la ventana con la mirada fija en la gente que pasa por la calle. Últimamente, sólo podía ver letras, frases, párrafos, capítulos, temarios... Ya puedo levantar la vista de los libros, al menos de momento. Puedo ver más allá. Me he liberado de mi reclusión miope voluntaria. De repente veo. Sólo necesitaba tiempo y una gafas. Y de repente, veo. 

¿Os gustan mis gafas nuevas? Desde que me robaron el bolso el pasado verano, había estado buscando el modelo perfecto. Es complicado. Tengo la cara muy fina y casi todas me quedan grandes. Pero por fin las encontré. Simplemente me encantan.

I love seeing, watching, staring... I love staying open-mouthed looking at through my window with my glance fixed in the people who go past the street. Lately, I've only been able to see letters, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, lists of topics... I already can lift my look from the books, at least for the moment. I can see beyond. I've released myself from my voluntary myopic imprisonment. Suddenly I see. I just needed some time and some glasses. And suddenly, I see. 

Do you like my new glasses? Since my handbag was stolen last summer, I had been looking for the perfect style. It's complicated. I have a very thin face and almost they all are too big for me. But at least I found them. I simply love them.

Gafas: Gigi
Glasses: Gigi

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  1. fresca como una lechuga se te ve con esas gafas, me encantan!

  2. Like your new eyewear, fit you very well:D

  3. your new glasses look really great on you.
    about the title of my post, it is a song from leonard cohen called hey thats no way to say goodbye. it is one of the most beautiful songs ever!

  4. JAjaa me encantan tus caras!! Que simpática eres... me encantan tus maletitas... Me hago seguidora jeje

  5. I like your sunglasses!!
    I'm following you!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    Give a pass by the mine. ^_^

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